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An unsecured business loan, as the name suggests, is a loan that requires no collateral. This loan is for businesses who do not have property, inventory or equipment to use as collateral but is in dire need of money. Evidently, an unsecured business loans are much better than a secured loan from a business point of view. It keeps your belongings safe in case your business goes south.

We at Growth Funding Group try to help as many businesses as possible. We understand how it is to be in a difficult situation and how important a loan must be for you. This is why our unsecured business loans come with little to no conditions. You do not need a minimum credit score to qualify for the loan. Most other financial institutions would consider your personal credit score when you apply for an unsecured business funding. However, we have no such policy as our work is transparent.

An unsecured loan comes fast and is the best option if you are in dire need of money, and little to no collateral to give to the bank. This is also suitable if you have a bad personal credit which makes it difficult to apply for traditional loans.

Your business must have been in the running for at least a year, with a minimum revenue of $50,000 per year, or $4,200 per month for the last three months. Our eligibility criteria is at the lowest possible level to accommodate as many applicants as possible.

Applying for a loan is very easy. Simply get in touch with us through phone or write to us. You can also fill the form to send an application which is processed within 24 hours.

Please remember that the approval is subjective based on several factors.

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