Revenue-based funding, also called royalty-based funding, is now more popularly known as merchant cash advances, which is the most popular form of revenue-based funding. In this type of funding, we will invest capital into your business for a share in the gross revenue.

It can be difficult for businesses to secure a loan, especially if they do not have an impressive credit score or good profit and loss statements to show to lenders. However, businesses cannot work without credit, be it a small business or a large corporation.

Businesses need loans for a number of reasons - sometimes it is important to grow and sometimes it is needed to pay expenses. Whatever the reason, you have a good option in the form of revenue-based funding.

We at Growth Funding Group offer revenue-based funding to big and small businesses. It is one of the easiest fundings to get as it does not require heavy paper work or submitting proofs. The amount for your funding can be as low as $5,000 and as high as $500,000.

Merchant Cash Advances: When you apply for this type of revenue-based funding, you will be requesting us to purchase a percentage of your business’s future sales at rates lower than usual. The maximum loan can be of $300,000.

We will pay you for the sales in the form of funding and will collect back this money at an agreed rate. Our returns would be deducted from your sales directly through the processor; you do not feel the burden of managing loans either.

This is a very cash flow-friendly loan as well since payments are based on sales volume. When you make less sales, you pay less amount of money and when you make more sales, you pay more.

Small business loans: This is the second option with a maximum amount of $500,000. In this scenario we will check your credit history and plan a funding structure with your business in mind. In case of small business loans, a set amount is collected from your bank account on a daily basis.

Both these payment options are excellent for big and small businesses. Get in touch with us to discuss your situation so that we can recommend the right option for your business. Our experts will talk to you and answer all your questions related to revenue-based funding.

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